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Colleagues, highly need an Editor with native English or reach experience in language practice. Would be glad to get your recommendations. Thank you in advance.

Main responsibilities:

Preparing English translations of Russian-language materials for the media: press releases, news for the website, communiqués, Q&As.
Preparing English translations of Russian-language presentations, client brochures explaining the company’s products and services, as well as materials pertaining to topics of general interest.
Preparing English translations of Russian-language texts for e-mail distribution within the company, as well as materials for corporate publications.
Editing/rewriting of English texts for agreement with corporate style and proper English usage. Catching and correcting factual errors in data and semantic errors in texts.
Editing of English-language materials for the press by request: interviews, speaker commentaries.
Translation and editing of content for the company’s websites.


Excellent command of written and spoken English (spelling, morphology, syntax, punctuation, style); native speaker.
Excellent knowledge of Russian and the ability to quickly and accurately translate Russian-language texts without loss of original meaning.
Strong writing skills.
Strong fundamental knowledge of the financial industry and command of investment terminology in Russian and English.
Editing skills.
At least 2-3 years’ professional experience as a translator from Russian into English.
At least two years’ professional experience in journalism or PR is recommended.

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